Become an Affiliate

There have been many programs that we have been apart of over the years in attempts to generate residual income.  From trying to sell various products such as B12 pills, jewelry, Forex signals, cell phones, electricity, gas, and cable/satellite service.  All of these platforms had one thing in common...they cost from $149-499 to join and were between $49-129 to maintain monthly membership.  Isn't it crazy how you are sometimes sold to benefit from sales by selling the platform rather than selling the actual product?  You know the routine where you pay $499 to join and you have to convince 3 other people to put up their $499 to join just so you get a piece of your $499 back.  Then someone is convincing you how easy it is to climb up the company's ladder and get all these bonuses, cars and trucks.  
Well we have GREAT NEWS!!!  We have created a unique and simple platform that not only is very affordable to join but also very affordable to maintain monthly membership. 
Become an Affiliate for $69.99
and only $20/month to maintain your Teshuäter account!
How It Works:
For every sell you make with your client, you will be compensated 20% commission.  
If you refer someone to become an affiliate under you (Tier 2), then you will be compensated 10% of every sale that they complete.  We payout every Friday using PayPal, and each pay period ends every Thursday at 11:59 p.m. (cst).  Again, we keep it very simple and we know because of the quality of our all natural alkaline water that you will enjoy selling a product that truly benefits your clients. Another bonus is that you do not have to carry products around, because we Drop Ship all orders!
Steps to Join with Us:
1.  "SIGN-UP HERE"  and fill out the requested information for the "Teshuater Start-Up." *It is very important to use your email that is linked to your PayPal account because that is where your weekly commission will be sent.
2. Once you are Approved you will have a link provided to you to COMPLETE. 
Log in to this link with your credentials (email & password) in order to access your dedicated Teshuater Affiliate Sales Link, allowing you to start selling immediately. This sales link is what all of Your Clients must use to place their orders so YOU can get the credit!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or message us here through the site and someone will respond promptly. Again, we know you are excited to get started soon and we are looking forward to you becoming apart of the Teshuäter Revolution!
Larry Leonard Jr.